Teaching/Learning Center Update

Student Testimonials:

On June 4th, three students will complete their third and final year of the Ministry Program. Please plan to join us for the Ordination ceremony on August 18th to honor their accomplishment.
Congratulations to Cheryl Goodman, John Taylor, and Jan Thomas!

The excitement is building as we look forward to the new school year that begins in September. Classes meet every Tuesday evening from 6 to 9 pm. These classes are offered in an open and loving environment. They provide a unique and powerful opportunity for spiritual study, growth and healing to anyone interested in this experiential study, as well as to those interested in pursuing the three-year ordination track.

Are you ready to live your brilliance? We invite you to take this journey with us. Your life experiences will expand and become enriched as you gain greater intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual awareness.

For more information, contact the Fellowship office at 517-525-1939 or: info@fellowshipfortoday.org

I AM CURRENTLY A MEMBER of the Fellowship for Today ministry program and I am starting the last term of my second year. During this time, my heart and mind have opened up more than I could ever have imagined, especially after just finishing our last semester which gave us a glimpse into A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

Mary Sabaj, our Spiritual Director, is always finding great information to challenge and enhance our spiritual journey. I feel very blessed to have found this program; our group is nothing short of fabulous!The teachers and students are all so supportive and inspiring. Each week I see first-hand the spiritual principles and practices modeled by my classmates and teachers. I’m taking it all in, and am so glad I took this leap of faith and joined this amazing class.Julie Dillon

MAKING THE CONNECTIONS – Having opportunities to grow and learn with other like-minded people in a safe, nonjudgmental environment is what attending classes at the Fellowship Spiritual Center is providing for me. Noticing that Fellowship’s Purpose Statement includes “We honor the spiritual expression of all,” I was encouraged to participate. Taking classes fall and winter terms has been an absolute delight. With new friends trekking along the path with me, clarity and Truth are awakening. My heart is on fire with desire and my mind longs for more information. My faith leads me to understand that if I remain open and willing, my spiritual journey will be filled with remembered connections and amazing miracles.By Debra Plichta, Lay Servant Ministries student, United Methodist Church;

Fellowship School of Ministry:
Are you ready to live your brilliance?

Join your light with ours as we explore personal and spiritual development in a learning environment that fosters:

Realization of individual wholeness
Building of healthy relationships
Intellectual, emotional, physical, community, social and spiritual healing
Creation of strong spiritual community and greater spiritual unfolding
Development of a personal response to the call to service

The Fellowship School of Ministry is a three-year series of classes for both personal spiritual growth and fulfillment and (if desired) ordination. We hope you will join us. Your participation will make the journey richer for each of us.

For more information, contact the Fellowship office at 517-525-1939 or: info@fellowshipfortoday.org

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