Fellowship for Today is a welcoming, accepting spiritual community for people who may not necessarily like “church” in the traditional sense, but want to begin or share their spiritual journey. It’s a place of laughter, applause and sharing and celebrates the truth principles of unconditional love, trust, peace, compassion and joy.

Fellowship for Today originated in 1983 and is a New Thought Spiritual Community. Generally speaking, it embraces the views offered by the authors of Unity, Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles and other like-minded metaphysical New Thought teachings. We explore core truth principles in other spiritual traditions as well. We hope people of all ages, races, life-styles, abilities and disabilities will feel welcome at the Fellowship for Today.

Purpose Statement:

The Fellowship For Today is a dynamic community co-creating love and healing. We honor the spiritual expression of all. We encourage individual transformation through the realization and celebration of Divine Oneness. We realize the True Self through meditation, prayer, service, friendship, study, healing, love, forgiveness, tithing, teaching, learning and creative expression. Our impact is felt individually, in the community, globally and universally.

Guiding Principles:

  • The essence of our being is Spirit. We gather together knowing that the Divine/God is Love, and unites us all. We use many forms of spiritual expression to consciously unite us with the Divine.
  • The Fellowship For Today recognizes a supreme spiritual Presence, a divine Oneness called by many names.
  • Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings create our experience of the world. We heal ourselves, each other and the world through our thoughts, prayers, and actions.
  • There are many paths to Truth. We honor all spiritual traditions and find connectedness in all teachings. We interact with all people and aspects of the world from a place of respect, inclusion, acceptance, forgiveness and love.
  • Each person’s spiritual journey is unique. We nurture spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being through sharing of our individual journeys in loving community. All are welcome to join the Fellowship family and to retain membership in other spiritual groups.
  • Loving service builds community and reminds us of the Oneness of all. We manifest Divine Love through mutual support, social action and a commitment to social, political and environmental justice.

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