SEVA Teams

What is seva?

Seva is a Sanskrit word that means sacred service. In the Sikh tradition, the lesson is that all service is done as though the divine is in the person you are serving. One of the Fellowship’s teachings is that the Divine spark lies in each one of us. So Seva is a devotion to that Divinity. The spirit behind our groups is the privilege of coming together as a group to give of ourselves to our community. The focus of our gift is providing a warm, welcoming experience to everyone that attends a FFT Sunday service.

How do we do this?

Setting up for Sunday Service Social Hour

Generously and lovingly providing food
Providing a warm, loving atmosphere
Setting a prayerful intention for our time together
Building a closeness with our team members
Cultivating our own inner gratitude for the opportunity to be of service.
Providing people a chance to get to know each other more deeply
Breaking bread together draws people together
Celebrating/demonstrating our abundance

Greeting attendees as they arrive

Remember the importance of a loving greeting to each person that enters.
Taking care not to get too involved in in-depth conversations, taking attention away from others.
Welcome to the Fellowship, we hope you feel at home here.
Hug – welcome home (welcome home to yourself) (ask newcomers first, though)
Be mindful of the flow into service, no bottlenecks
Filling our rental space with our presence. Demonstrating what the FFT is.

During social hour

Acting as hosts/hostesses
Taking care that everything is neat and everything needed is provided.

After social hour

Assuring that everything on the duty list is complete.
Acting as backup/assistant for Sunday Service Set-up person as needed.

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